Real Education consists in drawing the best out of yourself. What better book can there be than the book of humanity
- M.K. Gandhi
Education is a light that shows mankind the right direction to surge.
- Vivekanand

recognition orders of Uttar Pradesh


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S.NO File No./Code. No Name of Institution with Address Course Year of Recognition Recognition Order
21 NRCAPP-2120 Shri Devi Soram Singh Educational Institute
Plot/Khasra No.-2268, Street No.- 1, Vill.- Paydhat, tehsil- Jasrana, District- Firozabad, UP-282007
Fīrozābād,Uttar Pradesh
B.Ed. 1969 UP/NRCAPP-2120
22 NRCAPP-2163 APS College
Plot/Khasra no.- 3624, Street No.- 0, Vill.- Khilwal, Post Office- sarurpur, tehsil- Sardhna, District- Meerut, UP-250344
,Uttar Pradesh
B.Ed. 1969 UP/NRCAPP-2163
23 NRCAPP-2183 BBD University
Plot/Khasra No.- Sector-1, plot No.- 206, 07, 08, 09, 11, 32, 34, 35, 37, Street No.- NH-28, Vill.- Samaras, Post Office- Chinhat, Tehsil/Talika- Sadar, Town City- Lucknow, district- Lucknow, Pin Code- 227015, UP
,Uttar Pradesh
B.P.Ed. 1969 UP/NRCAPP-2183
24 NRCAPP-2225 Mahatma Gautam Budh Balika mahavidyalaya
plot/Khasra No.- 162/493, Street No.- Part, vill.- Pilkuwa, district- Ghaziabad, UP-245304
Ghāziābād,Uttar Pradesh
B.Ed. 1969 UP/NRCAPP-2225
25 NRCAPP-2225 Mahatma Gautam Budh Balika mahavidyalaya
plot/Khasra No.- 162/493, Street No.- Part, vill.- Pilkuwa, district- Ghaziabad, UP-245304
Ghāziābād,Uttar Pradesh
B.Ed. 1969 UP/NRCAPP-2225
26 NRCAPP-2399 syadwad Institution of Higher Education and Research
Plot No.- River park, Street Road- Delhi Road, vill.- Baghpat, Post Office- Baghpat, tehsil- Baghpat, Town City- Baghpat, UP-250609
Bāghpat,Uttar Pradesh
B.Ed. 1969 UP/NRCAPP-2399
27 NRCAPP-2446 Baghpat Institute of Education and Technology
plot/Khasra No.- 412, Plot No.- 0, Street No.- 0, Vill.- Pilana, District- Baghpat, Up-250615
Bāghpat,Uttar Pradesh
B.Ed. 1969 UP/NRCAPP-2446
28 NRCAPP-2496 Balram Mahavidyalaya
plot No.- 232, 22, street Road- Khiri Road, Vill.- Sirhir, Post Office- Shilaundhi, Tehsil- Meza, Town City- allahabad, District- Allhabad, UP-212301
Allahābād,Uttar Pradesh
B.Ed. 1969 UP/NRCAPP-2496
29 NRCAPP-2582 Shri Krishana College of education
plot/Khasrta No.- 234, Street No.- Main road, Vill.- Johnamani, Post Office- Daula, Tehsil- Baghapat, Town City- Baghpat, UP-250601
Bāghpat,Uttar Pradesh
B.Ed. 1969 UP/NRCAPP-2582
30 NRCAPP-2591 Bhagwan Mahaveer Vidyapeeth
Plot/Khasra No.- 2657-2668, Street No.- Main Road, Vill.- Khekra, Post Office- Khekra, tehsil- Khekra, District- Baghpat, Pin Code- 250101, UP
Bāghpat,Uttar Pradesh
B.Ed. 1969 UP/NRCAPP-2591
31 NRCAPP-2823 DAV College
Plot/Khasara No.349, Vill- Maudha, Teh- saidpur, Dist- Ghazipur, state- UP Pin Code- 233221
Ghāzīpur,Uttar Pradesh
B.Ed. 1969 UP/NRCAPP-2823
32 NRCAPP-2826 Nandbaba Snsk Institute of Education
Plot/Khasra No.- 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, Street/Road- Bhawaraha, Village- Bhawaraha, Post Office- Pandeypur Rahdey, Tehsil/Taluka- Sadar, Towin/City- Ghazipur, District- Ghazipur(UP), State- Uttar Pradesh, Pin Code- 233308
Ghāzīpur,Uttar Pradesh
B.Ed. 1969 UP/NRCAPP-2826
33 NRCAPP-2826 Nandbaba Snsk Institute of Education
Plot/Khasra No. 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, Street/Road: Bhawaarha, Vill: Bhawaraha, Post Office- Pandeypur Rahdey, Teh/Taluka- Sadar, Town/City- Ghazipur, State; UP, Distt: Ghazipur (UP), Pin Code: 233208
Ghāzīpur,Uttar Pradesh
1969 UP/NRCAPP-2826
34 NRCAPP-2835 Shanti Sudama Smarak Mahavidyalaya
Plot/Khasra No. 234, Vill.- Amoura, Post Office - Pandaha, Tehsil - Lulganj, District - Azamgarh-276202, Uttar Pradesh
Azamgarh,Uttar Pradesh
B.Ed. 1969 UP/NRCAPP-2835
35 NRCAPP-2836 Shree Sharada Mata Prasad Degree College
Plot/Khasara No. 1225, Street Number-Emiliya, Vill-Mai Kharagpur, Post Office- Ubarpur, Tehsil/Taluka-Lalganj, Town/City-Azamgarh, Dist-Azamgarh, Pin Code-276202, State-U.P.
Azamgarh,Uttar Pradesh
B.Ed. 1969 UP/NRCAPP-2836
36 NRCAPP-2840 Suryanath Mahavidhyalay
Plot Number: 691, Street Number: Nidilpur, Vill : Nidilpur, Post Office: Dharaw, Tehsil: Sakaldeeha, Town: Chandauli, Dist: Chandauli, U.P, Pin Code: 232105
Chandauli,Uttar Pradesh
B.Ed. 1969 UP/NRCAPP-2840
37 NRCAPP-2844 D A V Sansthan
Plot/Khasara No. 94, Vill- Nayanpur, Post Office- Patarahi, Teh- Kerakat, state- UP- Pin Code- 222001
Kerakat,Uttar Pradesh
B.Ed. 1969 UP/NRCAPP-2844
38 NRCAPP-2884 Kashinath Shiksha sansthan
Plot/Khasra No.- 325, 322, Vill.- Narayanpur, Post Office- Daulatpur, Tehsil- Saidpur, Distt.- Ghaziabad, Pin Code- 233304, UP
Ghāziābād,Uttar Pradesh
B.Ed. 1969 UP/NRCAPP-2884
39 NRCAPP-2892 Purvanchal Degree College
Plot / Khasra No. 92/2s, Village - Kushmaha, Post Office - Munderwa, Tehsil - Basti, District - Basti, Pin Code - 272001, State - Uttar Pradesh
Basti,Uttar Pradesh
B.Ed. 1969 UP/NRCAPP-2892
40 NRCAPP-2894 Surya College of Education
Plot/Khasara No.302,305/621 mi, Plot No. 302,305/621, Street Number-0, Vill- Meeraganj, Post Office- Khalilabad, Teh/Taluka-Khalilabad, Town/City-Khalilabad, Dist- Sant Kabit Nagar, State- UP, Pin Code- 272175
,Uttar Pradesh
B.Ed. 1969 UP/NRCAPP-2894